Công nghệ độc đáo tới từ Nhật bản

Sanitary ware technology

"INAX toilets are equipped with standard Japanese technology with care in every detail. With AQUA CERAMIC techonology keeping toilets clean for 100 years and HYPERKILAMIC antibacterial properties, customers no longer have to spend a lot of time and effort cleaning."

Shower faucet technology

The shower faucet technology from Japan contains a bronze valve core so that heavy metal content is minimized by Japanese standards to ensure the health of the user. Three coats: Two coats of Nickel providing rustproof property, one coat of chrome keeps...

Shower Technology

"The invention of the INAX toilet’s toilet cover makes the toilet experience even more perfect with the feeling of sophisticated and gentle care pertaining to each of the most delicate needs of the user."

Cabinet Technology

INAX cabinet made of PVC material have been strictly tested according to Japanese standards to ensure the product does not swell and has no peeling, no warping, termite-proof, yet has excellent durability. Green material is friendly with ...

SATIS Stype Technology

SATIS Stype has won the GOOD DESIGN 2016 award.

Bathtub technology

Feel relaxed when you step in, the INAX bath with M-SHINE technology and an elegant design creates a glamorous and classy point for your bathroom space, while bringing comfort to the dark each time.