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INAX Creativity is a Wellspring of Wows!

Inspired by Japan’s affinity for "onsen", INAX products pursue difference through creative yet simple applications of sophisticated technologies that explore new ways to interact with water and find excitement in daily life. Our lifestyle solutions are always smarter, inviting you to the involuntary reaction, "Wow!"

INAX Technology Empowers Comfort, Cleanliness and Sustainability

INAX products embody exceptional technology and quality, with a focus on consumer-oriented innovation. Health considerations guide our pursuit of sophisticated technologies for wise and efficient use of water. Our goal is to provide material solutions for hygienic and environmental concerns.

INAX Design is a Distillation of Essence, Sophistication and Thoughtfulness

Skilled and creative members of our award winning in-house design team aim to conceive innovative forms that incorporate the essence of function and usability. In addition to comfort and satisfaction, the ultimate objective of INAX design is to beautify bathroom space and add value through enhanced user experience.