About INAX

INAX was originally founded in Japan in 1924 as a ceramic tile and sanitary ware manufacturer. Initially working together with Frank Lloyd Wright, who used its tile in the design of the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, INAX has grown into a global leader in the manufacture of tile and sanitary fixtures. As a pioneer of innovations, including the Japan’s first advanced toilet and self-powered automatic faucet, INAX continually strives to create luxury lavatory products that blend traditional Japanese style with modern sensibilities.


By providing quality products and services, we aim to contribute to lifestyles that are culturally rewarding, beautiful, comfortable, and mindful of the environment.


Our mission is to consistently enhance lifestyles through profound knowledge and expertise related to daily life and capabilities for technological innovation rooted in human concerns.

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Recognizing that each customer is a unique individual with specific concerns, INAX aims to be a partner that supports the realization of every customer’s dreams and aspirations. Mindfully attending to every detail, we seek to create living environments that are physically comfortable and spiritually rewarding. This spirit is embodied in our brand statement, "For Precious Life."

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